Selec XC1200 (48 x 96) Digital pulse counter led

Selec XC1200 (48 x 96) , High functionality, Low Cost,LED Counters

Selec Make XC1200 (48 x 96) Counter- High functionality, Low Cost Counter




Ø   Sensor type : NPN

Ø   Input Speed :

Ø   0 to 30Hz / 0 to 2.5kHz / 0 to 5kHz*

Ø   (*for up and down modes only)

Ø   Output : 2 C/O (DPDT)

Ø   Direction : Up, Down, Bidirectional, Quadrature

Ø   Programmable scale factor

Ø   Range : Count : 0.0001 to 999999

   Rate : 4.00 to 99999 rpm/rph

Ø   Reset : Front, Remote

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Selec  XC200NX (72 x 72) , XC1200 (48 x 96) , High functionality, Low Cost,LED Counters(

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