PLC Basics and Introduction - For BE BTECH ME MTECH Engineering students



We at Select Automation provide optimum facilities for our students to equip and excel themselves with highly sound professionals in Industrial Automation Education (PLC, PAC, SCADA, CONTROLLER’S, VFD’S, VLSI, DSP, HMI’S, Mechatronics Embedded & PLC Control Panels)



Industrial Automation is the present and future trend for the budding student community and working professionals.


It meets the requirements of several industries like:

·        Process Industry.

·        Automotive Industry.

·        Energy Monitoring and load Shedding.

·        Oil & Gas Industry.

·        Petro - Chemical Industry.

·        Water Treatment Plant Etc.


Today’s  Leading Software Mnc’s Provides engineering solutions for Industrial Automation in India & Abroad.


For Eg:

·        Mahindra Satyam


·        Infosys


·        TCS


·        Patni


·        Wipro etc


We are here to share our knowledge on PLC  with engineering students because, Automation is the present and future trend for the student community and working professionals.

Dear students please visit our blog regularly,as we are going update regularly,and if you have doubts post your comments we will reply you everyday.

Okay guys lets start now......

First What is PLC?



  • A plc is a digitally operated electronic system,designed for use in an industrial environment.


  • It uses programmable memory for internal storage for user oriented instructions for implementing specific functions such as logic,sequencing,timing,arithmetic and controlthrough digital or analog inputs of various machines or processes.


  • In simple terms PLC is a solid state,digital,industrial computer.


    The pictures below are the PLC's being used by us for automation solutions

    PLC MM3010 -With built in HMI

    PLC MM1010 - With built in HMI for Low price solution

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  • PLC Introduction:


  • A PLC is a device invented to replace sequential relay circuits for machine control.


  • The PLC works by looking at its inputs and depending upon their state turning ON/OFF its outputs.


  • The user enters a program via software ,that give desired results.


  • PLC used in many real world applications which involves machining,packaging,material handling,automated assembly.


  • PLC broadly consists of ,


  • I/O interface
  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Power supply
  • Programmable devices


We will see these categories broadly in another section……



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